Raw Wrap Recipes

With a good part of the nation experiencing higher than normal temperatures this summer, a lot of people turn to prepared food as a way to avoid turning on the oven or stove.  But raw food recipes are naturally suited to summer.  They don’t require heat to prepare and often require no refrigeration when they travel.  And unlike processed foods, in raw food dishes that you prepare yourself, there are no trans fats, cholesterol, refined sugar, refined flour, or other less-than-good-for-you ingredients.

I travel a great deal for business, but I also to travel for fun.  Even when I’m busy, I try to take day trips that allow me to get back to nature, if only for a little while.  My raw food lifestyle makes it easy for me to load up a picnic basket with all the food and beverages I need to stay well-hydrated and well-fed.  I know the nutritious raw food that I’m packing will keep me energized all day long and won’t weigh me down.  That means I’ll have the energy to make the most out of every minute.

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