I've got a some class options for you! No matter where you live you can join me for my complete 15-session raw food online course. Want a short class or kit to get a taste? See some of the other options below.

Are you Ready for Raw?

My comprehensive, go-at-your-own-pace 15-session online course Ready for Raw makes it easy to enjoy wholesome, nutritious raw foods in your diet.  You’ll feel well-fed and satisfied—it's easy to eat right when you know how.

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Do You Wish it was Easier to Eat a Healthy, Energizing Breakfast Every Day?

Introducing: Jenny's Ultimate Breakfast Kit!


This isn’t another cookbook or cooking class: it’s a kit you can follow to easily have a healthy breakfast every day for the rest of your life.

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Do you want to eat for optimum health but find it challenging because you love dessert? Me too! Plus, I’m not partial to spending hours baking or attending to pans on a hot stove. So, I went on a mission to create healthier, easy-to-prepare, and just-as-delicious versions of all the great desserts and treats. My results were amazing, and in this class, I’ll share them with you.

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