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I am a year-round soup fan.  I enjoy hearty soups like my Curried Cream of Carrot Soup, with warm flavors that take the chill off a winter’s night.  But I also love the flavors of lighter, spring and summer soups that are cool and refreshing like the soup I want to tell you about today: my Garden Vegetable Soup.

It’s a raw food soup I think you’ll love.

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Hello again.  As I promised in my last post, I’ve got a versatile raw food recipe to tell you about...and show you, too.  You can visit my Youtube channel to watch a demonstration of how to prepare my simple Raw Ranch Dressing.

What makes this raw ranch dressing such a dream-come-true is that it’s got a creamy texture, but does not use dairy products, and that means no unhealthy cholesterol and no lactose that can cause digestive problems for some folks.  There’s no oil either.  It gets its velvety texture and rich creamy consistency from soaked cashews.

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I just learned that the March 8-12 was National School Breakfast Week.  So in belated recognition of this important health initiative and in celebration of the most important meal of the day, this month’s blogs are going to be devoted to breakfast...raw food-style.

Have you had a chance to watch my video Raw Food Breakfast – Raw Granola with Almond Milk?  In it, I demonstrate how to make a recipe that will give your teeth something to do along with your taste buds when you wake up in the morning. 

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Nut milk is an important raw food ingredient that can be used in many ways, including on last week’s raw granola.  My demonstration video Raw Almond Milk and Other Advance Preparation for Raw Food Recipes Made Easy shows you how to create this useful non-dairy milk in advance so that it’s always ready to use in a recipe.

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Smoothies are great for people who are rushed and don’t have time to linger over a sit-down breakfast.  I know because I’m one of them!  And the truth is that if you have time to drink a cup of coffee, you have time to enjoy one of the nutritious smoothies that I demonstrate in this video.

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