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With Flexible Chopping Mats, Raw Food On The Go Is Easy!

Posted on August 08 2011 | (0) Comments
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With Flexible Chopping Mats, Raw Food On The Go Is Easy!

I love to eat raw food when I’m at home.  So why would I want to eat anything else, especially when I’m traveling for my summer vacation...which is the subject of this post.  

Actually, I’m not getting a vacation this summer.  I’m preparing for the next session of the Advanced Teacher Training Program I teach at the Living Light Culinary Institute.  

But back to eating raw food on the road...

Room service can be expensive.  Even if your hotel/motel offers a complimentary breakfast, you won’t find a lot of raw food options on typical buffets with muffins, pancakes, scrambled eggs, biscuits, and sausage--that are loaded with preservatives, sugar, additives, and other less than healthy ingredients.  

I don’t want to start a day of vacation fun feeling weighed down, so I generally make breakfast in my room.  It’s easier than you think!

It’s true that most hotel rooms don’t have much of a kitchen set-up, so food prep could be a problem.  But a 12 x 15 flexible chopping mat fits right into your suitcase.  It weighs less than five ounces and you can use it to make something delicious for my raw Avocado Fruit Salad. The avocado makes a creamy, hearty contribution that helps this fruit meal stick to my ribs for hours.

This breakfast salad is light, but surprisingly satisfying.  It uses the naturally sweet creaminess of avocado to act as a counterpoint to the sweet, sharp flavor of berries.  It’s an eye-opener...and also a great midnight snack after a busy day. Click here for the recipe.

And it’s all made possible with a simple flexible chopping mat! I also take a small travel knife in my suitcase, to cut the avocado with.

Supermarket or Farmers Market for Raw Food Ingredients
Depending on where you’re vacationing, you may be able to get fresh items at a local supermarket.  Or even better, plan on visiting a farmers’ market.  Many cities have them on the weekend and you can stock up on super fresh ingredients straight from the farm.

Next post, I’ll talk about another traveling companion I never go anywhere without: my personal blender.

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