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Undersea Adventures with Raw Food

Posted on January 04 2014 | (1) Comments
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Sea vegetables are often used as sushi wrappers, but they're good for so much more.  In my new video, I demonstrate how to do a little raw fusion cuisine, combining the popular Asian sea vegetable arame with American ingredients to create a healthful side salad that can be transformed into a main course.

It may surprise you to learn that some of the most flavorful, nutritious “vegetables” on the planet don’t grow in the soil...they grow in the sea!  Sea vegetables such as nori, dulse, wakame are filled with vitamins, antioxidants, chlorophyll, fiber, and a broad range of minerals. 

But it’s their flavor and versatility that put sea vegetables like arame on my favorite raw foods list.

A Raw Food Ingredient You’ll Love

Arame is a sea vegetable.  More specifically, it is a type of seaweed with broad brown leaves.  It is harvested primarily from the cold waters off the coast of South Korea and Japan, but it is also cultivated in California and Alaska.

As you’ll see in the video, sea vegetables come dried.  I’ll show you how to re-hydrate and drain arame so that it’s ready to use in just five minutes.

The tiny packets may seem expensive, but when arame leaves are soaked properly, they expand to four times their size.

Versatile Arame in Raw Food Recipes

Arame is very pliant when it has been soaked.  That’s another reason it is used frequently in Japanese cooking where it is prized for its mild, slightly sweet flavor.  Arame can be

  •      Shredded into soups
  •      Used as sushi wrapper
  •      Mixed into salads
  •      Served as an accompaniment to tofu

Arame Makes Raw Food More Nutritious

Arame is normally harvested during the springtime when the ocean nutrient levels are at their highest.  Along with flavor, arame adds tremendous nutrition to a raw food recipe with ample

  •      Iron
  •      Magnesium
  •      Vitamin A
  •      Calcium

Raw Food Salad with a Japanese Twist

I grew up with a lot of lettuce, tomato, and cucumber salads.  Sea vegetables are a wonderful alternative to lettuce, providing interesting crunch. I like to pair arame with

  •      Shredded carrots – colorful and delicious
  •      Seeded and diced cucumbers  - delicate and familiar
  •      Sliced green onions – crunchy and savory

The raw salad dressing ingredients go in at the last minute:

  •      Sesame oil
  •      Lemon juice
  •      Tamari
  •      Freshly grated ginger
  •      Cayenne

In the video, I show you how to toss the salad to incorporate all the tastes and ingredients. And to wrap up the demonstration, I show you how adding brown rice can change this recipe from a side dish to a mostly raw main dish. 

You’ll find the recipe for Arame Salad in my online recipe file.

Do you use sea vegetables in your kitchen?  Share your recipes in the comments section below!

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On May 23, 2017 .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) said...

Thanks Jennifer for letting people know how healthy and yummy sea vegetables are!  I own Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetable Company on the Mendocino, CA coast.  We offer 11 types of seaweed hand harvested and sun dried!  We also test our seaweed each year for radiation.  One of our most popular seaweeds is silky sea palm.  It is so great tasting right out of the bag “raw” and also used in the place of arame.  You can find us on the internet under seaweedmermaid

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