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Travels With My Blender, Raw Chef on the Road

Posted on August 11 2011 | (0) Comments
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Travels With My Blender, Raw Chef on the Road

When it comes to eating raw food on the road, it doesn’t really matter if you’re traveling for pleasure or for business. What matters is that you always want to be able to enjoy the pleasure and health benefits of eating your favorite raw food recipes.

In my last post, I talked about the benefits of bringing along a chopping mat when you travel to make raw fruit salads.  This time, I want to talk about how a small, lightweight personal blender -- like this one from Tribest-- can help you.

All Hail the Raw Food Breakfast Smoothie
When I travel for work or play, I really like to start my day with a good fruity breakfast smoothie.  Now the key to turning almost anything into a smooth drink is a good blender with a reliable my personal blender always rides along with me wherever I do.  

Smoothies aren’t just for breakfast.  Sometimes in the afternoon, I get a little ‘peckish.’  Rather than grab something that’s nutritionally empty, I use my blender to make a Banana Grape Green Smoothie.

And if you just want the sweetness of a fruit smoothie without the green, just leave out the greens--it'll be sweet and delicious! Click here for the Banana Grape Green Smoothie recipe.



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