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Stay on Your Diet with Raw Food Chocolate Cake

Posted on January 07 2013 | (0) Comments
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When it feels like the only thing that will brighten up a gray January day is a large slice of chocolate cake, I say, “Do you have 10 minutes?”

In Raw Food Chocolate Recipe: Flourless Chocolate Cake, the new video premiering this month on my  YouTube channel, I show you how to make an elegantly decadent raw food dessert in less time than it takes to pre-heat an oven.


Chocolate is an indulgence that many people give up when they decide to go on a diet for New Year’s. They shouldn’t.  Denial makes you feeling deprived and resentful, and those are the feelings that can push you into over-eating.  Eating fat-free and sugar-free desserts doesn’t help.  The flavor isn’t satisfying at all, so you end up eating too much.   But people who have adopted a raw food lifestyle get to indulge their cravings and enjoy delicious food without bingeing. 

All the Right Stuff

There are many reasons people overeat; one of them has to do with what they eat.  Eating the “wrong” foods can actually trigger cravings and binge eating.  Fortunately, eating the “right” foods – foods that are natural, unprocessed, and uncooked – help you avoid spikes and drops in glucose levels. When your blood sugar stays in balance, your appetite does, too.  

My fudgy, raw Flourless Chocolate Cake is a perfect example of how to use healthful raw ingredients to create a dessert that rivals anything you could buy at a bakery.  For example, I use heart-healthy walnuts to replace cholesterol-rich butter and digestion-clogging flour in my batter.  You don’t soak nuts for this or other raw cakes, cookie, and pie crust recipes because you’ll want a drier texture.  No soaking means less prep time.

As you’ll see in the demonstration, this cake can be made in about five minutes. In less time than it would take to heat up a bland, pre-made frozen dessert loaded with fat and sugar, you can create a dense, flavorful sweet that’s wholesome and nutritious, too.  So go ahead and lick the bowl.  It’s delicious and I’ll never tell! Click here to see the recipe for this popular raw dessert.

What’s your favorite chocolate indulgence?   I’d love to know if you’ve adapted a traditional chocolate recipe to your raw or vegan lifestyle.  Why not share it in the comments section?

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