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Stay Hydrated with Raw Foods This Winter

Posted on March 01 2012 | (0) Comments
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Another important aspect of raw food is that many fruits and vegetables are filled with simple, pure water...and that’s something your body may not be getting enough of during the winter months.

Foods that have a lot of water in them are also great for those of us who are ‘big eaters.’
I frequently enjoy eating light, but there are times when I’m really hungry and a small portion won’t be enough to satisfy my appetite.  That’s when I turn to water-rich foods.  They let me eat bigger portions, without eating lots of extra calories.

How much bigger are those portions?  Well consider this:  if you eat a pound of ‘watery’ strawberries for a snack, you will be consuming about 150 calories. If you eat six ‘dry’ pretzel rods, you’ll consume over 200 calories...but less than 1/8th of a pound of actual food.  With the strawberries, you get 14 extra ounces of appetite-satisfying food but only a few calories to boot!

Here are some water-rich raw foods that you should get to know better:

•    Lettuce (1½ cups) - 95% water
•    Watermelon (1½ cups) - 92%
•    Broccoli (1½ cups) - 91%
•    Grapefruit (1½ cups) - 91%
•    Carrots (1½ cups) - 87%
•    Apple (one medium) - 84%

Serve a combination of water-rich raw foods in a well-seasoned broth and your body will be in hydration heaven.    I recommend my versatile raw food Garden Vegetable Soup.  Made with high-water zucchini and celery, plus lots of other vegetables, you can ‘tweak’ it to fit your personal taste by switching out the spices for the ones you like best.  You can tweak it to suit your personal budget, too, by choosing in-season vegetables as your ingredients.

Click here to get the recipe for Garden Vegetable Soup here.

See you in the produce aisle!

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