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Stay Hydrated with Raw Food Recipes with Celery

Posted on February 21 2012 | (0) Comments
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The food and drinks we enjoy at holiday time have a nasty way of staying with us long after the holidays are over.  One of the most annoying carryovers is water weight.  It makes you feel bloated and puffy and sluggish.  Interestingly, one way to lose water weight is to drink more water.  It takes 6 to 8 eight-ounce glasses of fluid per day to flush whatever it is in your system that is making you retain water.  

Another way to introduce more water into your system is with the food you eat.  Raw foods can help you lose that water weight naturally.  Celery in particular can be helpful.  It’s rich in potassium and sodium, which is essential to maintain your body’s fluid balance.  And celery stimulates urine production, causing the elimination of fluid from the body.

To get the best flavor and texture out of your celery, first rinse it well in cold water, separating the stalks slightly as you go. Then cut off the base and tips of each stalk, including the leaves...but don’t throw them away!  They’re rich in nutrition and flavor and can be used in other recipes...including juice drinks and raw food soups.

One of my favorite uses for celery is in juice drinks, and one of my favorites is Carrot-Celery-Beet Juice.  The flavor is sweet and light, and the color is the most gorgeous red-orange shade imaginable.  

Get the recipe for my raw food Carrot-Celery-Beet Juice here. And be sure to try the extra-hydrating Carrot-Celery-Cucumber variation. 

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