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Start Fresh with Fresh Raw Food Ingredients

Posted on January 29 2013 | (0) Comments
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Start Fresh with Fresh Raw Food Ingredients

I’ve got great news for people who may be finding it tough to honor their New Year’s resolution to eat better.  Beginning with this post, my 'New To Raw' blog series will give anyone who is new to the delicious world of raw food the basics they need to incorporate more nutritional food into their daily meals.

What do you think is the key to raw food preparation?  A great recipe?  A handy gadget?  No, you need:

  1. A desire to learn
  2. Fresh produce

That desire brought you to my website, where knowledge is for the taking.

Would it surprise you to know that “raw food” is already part of your lifestyle? 

  • Eat an apple.  That’s a raw food snack. 
  • Toss a handful of almonds and a chopped apple over some Romaine lettuce, and squeeze on some lemon juice…you’ve created a wholesome, nutritious raw food meal.

Who knew it was so easy!?

Fresh Tastes Best

When you work with fresh, ripe, in-season fruits and vegetables, you can create an endless variety of  delicious raw drinks, blended soups, side dishes, main courses, desserts...and, of course, simple salads. 

Please don’t confuse the word “simple” with “boring.”  My super-satisfying raw Rainbow Salad recipe brightens up the table with a splash of color from lots of wonderful shredded veggies.  Orange carrots, purple beets, yellow peppers, and green cucumbers help the recipe live up to its colorful name. 

Color is good!  A general rule about salads is that the more colors you see in the bowl, the more nutrients you're getting.  

Easy is good, too.  This raw food recipe is easy to enjoy anytime because you can shred the beets and carrots ahead of time and keep them in the refrigerator as a go-to ingredient. 

To add a splash of flavor to your splash of color, toss your rainbow veggies with a raw Classic Vinaigrette Recipe.  For another layer of sweetness, try a raw Apple Vinaigrette Recipe.

I love to learn from others and so do readers of my blog.  So please, if you have a wonderful tip, crafty technique, amazing ingredient, or ‘secret source,’ share it in the comments section below this post.


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