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Raw on a Budget:  Thrifty Tricks of Raw Gourmets

Posted on November 24 2013 | (0) Comments
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Raw on a Budget:  Thrifty Tricks of Raw Gourmets

I don’t just eat with my mouth.  To me eating is a multi-sensory pleasure where I enjoy the taste, texture, aroma, and especially the look of my food.  It’s one of the reason I have so much admiration for the techniques used by chefs to make food irresistible.

In this post, I want to center on things you can do to transform everyday ingredients into show-stoppers for your holiday table.  Spoiler alert:  you can make affordable food look expensive and luxurious without spending a dime.

4 C’s of Affordable Wintertime Vegetables

During the winter months, think “c” when you’re looking for affordable veggies:

  •      Cabbage
  •      Celery
  •      Cucumber
  •      Carrots

These basic veggies may seem humble, but with a little bit of creativity, you can transform them into lovely ribbons, marvelous mounds, elegant threads, and other shapes that would make a gourmet chef jealous.

Consider the cucumber.  Most people peel a cuke completely before slicing or leave the skin on entirely.   Chefs use a vegetable peeler to make a cucumber more festive-looking by cutting “stripes” into the skin before slicing it.    And that’s just the beginning...

Raw Food Ingredients Get the “Star Treatment”

Chopping, slicing, and dicing are all good techniques for processing raw fruits and veggies.  But let’s be honest:  a plate of sliced carrots and a bowl of diced beets may be colorful, but they’re not very exciting.

For the holidays, I recommend that you turn common vegetables into uncommonly beautiful ingredients with the help of simple raw kitchen tools and utensils such as graters, spiral slicers, and a good, old-fashioned vegetable peeler.

Carrot ribbons are dazzling when mounded high on a plate.  After washing and peeling, run your vegetable peeler down the length of your carrot, shaving it into thin, gorgeous ribbons. This technique works beautifully with zucchini and winter squash, too, as well as beets and fennel.

A terrific use for carrot ribbons is in a carrot salad.  I normally grate carrots for salads, but for the holidays, I like the way bright orange ribbons look with the winter-y green parsley and “woody” looking nuts.

Try making ribbons for my Carrot Salad with Parsley and Walnuts and serve it as satisfying lunchtime meal or colorful dinnertime side dish.

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