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Raw Food Breakfast Favorite: Green Juice

Posted on May 28 2012 | (0) Comments
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When I talk to people about raw food breakfast drinks, I realize there’s a lot of confusion between smoothies and juices and which appliances you need to make them. 

Are you confused?  If so, I hope this post and my Green Juice demonstration video will help demystify things for you.


When you use a blender to process fresh or frozen fruit, leafy green vegetables, and water into something that closely resembles a milkshake, you’ve created a green smoothie.  It’s known as a smoothie because of its smooth, creamy, thick texture and is as richly satisfying as a meal.

Green juice is a horse, or should I say beverage, of a different color.  It is a thin, liquid-y drink that is more hydrating than filling.  It’s made with a juicer that separates the juice and the pulp into different compartments.  When leafy greens are part of the mix, you’re creating Green Juice.  It’s a potent nutritional drink that is extra-high in nutrients while being low in calories and sugars.

Green Juice is a winner because drinking this nutrient-dense, fiber-free beverage eliminates strain on your system. The extractor does most of the work for you, separating the fiber from the juice, giving your digestive tract a well-earned morning off.

Dark leafy greens, such as kale, are your best bet.  And don’t limit yourself to just one green.  Try adding romaine or spinach, and definitely experiment with combinations of greens.  You can add even more green goodness to your Green Juice and more flavor, too, with herbs such as mint, parsley, and cilantro.  

Don’t be surprised if you get a Green Juice ‘monkey’ on your back.  The flavor of Green Juice and the feeling of good health are highly addictive!

Click here for the Green Juice recipe.

Let’s get together for lunch next month and talk about how raw food can make your midday meal better than ever.

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