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Light & Healthy Raw Food

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Light & Healthy Raw Food

One question I get asked a lot is whether you can lose weight simply by eating raw food.  The answer is yes...and no. To maintain a trim physique, you need to watch how much food and calories you eat whether you’re on just about any safe weight-loss program there is...including one based on raw food.  

But when you’re enjoying raw food, but you don’t have to watch quite as carefully because raw food tends to be naturally lower in calories than processed foods.  

The science of weight loss is actually simple:  you must burn more calories (through exercise) than you take in (through eating). 

Not all of my raw food recipes are low-calorie.  So to make it easy for my readers to fit raw food meals and snacks into whatever diet plan they choose, every recipe in the new edition of Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People will include nutritional information:  calories, protein, fat, carbohydrate, fiber, and sodium.  It should help take the confusion out of which recipes can be eaten without worry and which should be enjoyed in moderation.

Take pudding.  My Mango Pudding recipe is made without eggs or dairy, so it’s cholesterol-free and lower in calories than a cream-based pudding.  But it still has 220 calories per serving, most of which come from carbohydrates.  But unlike typical puddings that are mostly refined sugar, my recipe delivers tons of vitamins, minerals, and healthy nourishment along with its sweet flavor.

Commercially manufactured soups provide another good comparison of why raw food is a healthier choice.  Canned soups may be low in calories (60-100 calories per serving), but they tend to be extremely high in sodium and unhealthy additives.  Plus, because the vegetables have been processed, a lot of their nutritional value is lost.  

My raw food Spinach Apple Soup, on the other hand, has 200 calories in a one-and-a-half cup serving.  That sounds like a lot until you consider that those calories come from 5 grams of healthy, appetite-satisfying protein, along with 10 grams of fiber, and 14 grams of good-for-you carbohydrates.

Watching our weight has become a national obsession.  But with raw food, it’s an obsession you can really sink your teeth into and enjoy!

Get the recipe for Mango Pudding here.

Get the recipe for Spinach Apple Soup here.

Eat well! I’ll see you in July.

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