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Raw Finger Food For Dessert Lovers

Posted on December 15 2011 | (0) Comments
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Raw Finger Food For Dessert Lovers

Last time I talked about creating making Banana Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, a luscious fat-free creamy dessert made with only two ingredients.  This week, I want to talk about ways to make your holiday table tempting.

A big challenge for many holiday guests is choosing which dessert to enjoy.  Because most desserts are so high in fat and calories, most people don’t feel comfortable having more than one serving...or maybe even a half-serving.  But raw food mini desserts portions allow people to indulge themselves in a variety of treats without the guilt.

Your guests can load up their plates with lemon cookies, mini cupcakes, and one-bite brownies.

The Chocolate Candy Cups recipe in my book Raw for Dessert is the foundation for some fun and festive party food.  You can make the cups up to two days in advance (as long as you don't add the fresh strawberries). Be as creative as you like!  Raw food chocolate candy cups taste great filled with any type of dried fruit or nut. In fact, they remind me of my childhood favorite Cadbury 'Fruit n' Nut' bar.

By the way, for tips on creating an elegant Viennese dessert table that is a visual knock-out, check out the step-by-step instructions at eHow here.

Happy holidays!

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