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Prime Time Pie

Posted on April 01 2014 | (1) Comments
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April is a create time to try your hand at making my raw blueberry pie.  It’s as tasty as any you might have had as a child, but much better for you.  It isn’t a “diet” recipe, but the calories you consume are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and irresistible natural sweetness.

Let’s make your Blueberry Pie dreams come true.

No Easy-Bake Oven Required

A raw blueberry pie is not low-cal or fat-free.  If only it were!  However, unlike a traditional baked pie, the calories in my raw pie aren’t “empty.”  Take the crust for example...

As you’ll see when you watch the video, my crust contains no processed white flour or butter. Instead, I show you to make wholesome almond flour that has lots more flavor and is filled with nutrition.  Since the crust isn’t heated, the vitamins and minerals don’t break down and you get even more wholesome goodness in every bite.

You don’t need an oven, and you don’t need a rolling pin.  In my truly hands-on recipe, you simply press the mixture into your pie pan.

Filling You Up, Not Out

Once the crust is formed, I demonstrate how to make the filling.  I explain the difference between using fresh and frozen berries, and why both qualify as “raw and unprocessed.” 

Watch carefully!  There are some special little tricks I reveal including how to use soaked dates to sweeten and thicken your filling.

Why Should Blueberries Have All the Fun?

This recipe will work for fruit pies made with cherries, peaches, or blackberries. It's one of my "attitude of gratitude" favorites that make me appreciate being able to indulge in healthy versions of beloved desserts that I’ve adored since childhood.

Click here to see the Blueberry Pie recipe.

Did you have a favorite childhood dessert?  Share it in the comments section.  Perhaps we can figure out how to raw-it-up!

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