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Perfect Pairing: Fruit ‘n’ Veggie Green Smoothie

Posted on May 04 2014 | (5) Comments
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My Apple-Banana Green Smoothie tastes so delicious that most people don’t suspect just how rich it is in “green” nutrition.   If you’ve enjoyed drinking smoothies, but never made one, this is your chance to become an instant smoothie specialist. 

Smoothies are the ultimate in ease and convenience, and I promise you’ll be able to master my four-step no-fail smoothie “formula” My just-uploaded raw food demonstration video reveals my “secret” to creamy smoothies and turns a simple breakfast beverage into a refreshing meal for Mother’s Day.

Customize Your Raw Food Smoothie

Smoothies can be easily customized to your personal tastes.  I go over many of the fruits that can go into a smoothie, both fresh and frozen to give you an overview.  Then I get down to the specifics of the apples and banana in this specific recipe, taking you on a “tour” of orchard options including Gala and Granny Smith.

You won’t believe your eyes, but there’s no need to peel apples for this recipe.  It easy and there’s a good reason to blend our apples skin-on:  they have tons of antioxidants and fiber. 

How Green Is My Smoothie?

Then I leave the orchard and head for the lettuce patch.  I show you greens in every shade and shape and discuss some of their nutritional benefits. 

  • Light Greens – Lettuce, Celery
  • Medium Greens – Chard, Bok Choy, Spinach
  • Dark Greens – Kale, Collards

I talk about how to mix them to get a stronger or milder taste in your smoothie. 

The Great Green Smoothie Finale

For the “big finish,” I demonstrate how to blend your ingredients until they’re smooth.  I clarify the importance of thorough blending to break down the fiber and make the smoothie easy to digest.

This smoothie is the ultimate in good nutrition...and the taste is nothing short of heavenly. 

Click here for the Apple-Banana green smoothie recipe.

Here’s to You Mom

Clink glasses filled with this my sweet Apple-Banana Green Smoothie to toast good health and long life to you and your mom on May 11th.  Then, you and Mom can share this fast, nourishing morning meal until same time, next year. 

How do you show your mom some love?  Share your ideas and insights in the comments section.

Previous Comments

On May 06, 2014 .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) said...

I’m not a dog owner, so not an expert in this, but I think you can give blended greens to pets and it’s good for them. Not so sure if fruit is the best thing (although dogs are omnivores).


On May 08, 2014 .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) said...

In your videos I have seen you use the Cuisinart classic (square bottom) food processor.  I am having a hard time deciding on a fp.  I read reviews and I would like to know if you use this fp on a daily basis and has it lasted a long time.  As much as I would love the Breville sous chef fp, it may be too large for my kitchen. 

Also, I see that you are using a kitchen aid blender. I was expecting at the beginning of this smoothie video that we would not see the whole blend and that there would be cut in the video.  This happens a lot and leaves one thinking that the blender had difficult smoothing out the kale. 

What food processor and blender do you recommend (one that you use at home daily and will blend kale, celery etc.?  I am a new member and I know that I am going to enjoy making the foods that you are presenting, but I really need to know which fp and blender are the best.  If you tell me the brand, then also the model would be helpful.  No point in just saying Cuisinart, or KA, etc., because I hear that all the time.

Thank you.  Would appreciate hearing others comments on this as well.


On May 08, 2014 .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) said...

Hi June,

I use a Cuisinart DFP 14 Custom 14-cup food processor. And I use a Kitchen Aid KSB560MC blender (but any KSB Kitchenaid is fine). It’s powerful and will work for green smoothies.


On May 11, 2014 .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) said...

Hey Jennifer,
I’ve been experimenting with raw food for around a year now and i use spinach in my smoothie every day and absolutely love it!
However, I’ve read that as it contains oxalic acid, I shouldn’t have it raw.
The same goes for kale, what are your thoughts on this?
Also I occasionally put brocolli heads in my green smoothie, but have again read I shouldn’t mix fruit with veg! What would you advise?

Thank you :D

On May 11, 2014 .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) said...

Hi Luis,

spinach and chard contain oxalic acid whether in raw or cooked forms. Oxalic acid does somewhat inhibit calcium absorption, so you do want to eat other greens as well, such as kale and collards, which don’t have oxalic acid. It’s good to rotate the greens for that reason. But spinach is so good for you in so many ways, that I wouldn’t cut it out. Just rotate the greens.

Fruits with vegetables combined are fine when blended. If you notice anything sensitive in your digestion with certain combinations pay attention to that, but there’s nothing wrong with combining them in green smoothies.


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