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New Video:  Simple Salads Are Simply Deluxe

Posted on June 01 2014 | (0) Comments
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I love salads.  They’re so easy to customize that I never get “tastebud fatigue”...just a ton of energy and nourishment every time I dig in.  My latest raw food demo shows you how to make a basic green salad and then keep it fresh and new with interesting add-ins.

No salad is complete without a dressing, so my salad demo includes three delicious choices.  You’ll learn how to make a lemon herb dressing, a tahini lemon dressing, and even a fat-free tomato salsa.

Raw Food Salad: Beyond Iceberg

The base of my Garden Salad is a mix of crunchy Romaine lettuce and tender spinach leaves. I demonstrate how to trim and chop the Romaine into bite-size pieces before placing it a salad spinner with the spinach.  

As you’ll see, the spinner allows you to wash the leaves without leaving any extra moisture behind.

More Tools to Make Raw Salads a Snap

Next, I’ll show you one of my most versatile and useful kitchen tools:  the mandolineI demonstrate how it can slice cucumber, one ingredient that should always be prepped at the last minute. 

I also show you how to use carrots to add another layer of flavor and color to this dish. You'll learn how to shred them ahead of time so that they are a quick and easy add-in.

The salad is technically complete at this stage, but I show you how to you kick things up a notch by introducing a wide range of other salad-friendly veggies.

Raw Food Salad Add-Ins

My raw Garden Salad recipe is simple, but it has such a variety of vegetables, that you can make it different every time. Varying the ingredients will keep this salad feeling as fresh as all the veggies it contains!

Although I generally eat all-raw salads, I do occasionally include some gently cooked ingredients in my recipe.  Steamed broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus and green beans, as well as baked beets can be flavorful, wholesome additions. 

As you’ll see, there’s even got a “surprise ingredient” I use to turn my Garden Salad into a nutritional powerhouse.  It’s a variety of seaweed known as dulse.

Dressing Up Your Raw Food Salad

A simple, unadorned salad can be delicious, but I like to add dressing for another layer of flavor. I have three dressings that I use, depending on the ingredients I’ve put into my salad and whether or not I’m being super-careful about fat and calories.

In the video, you hear me talk about:

  • Lemon Herb Dressing – light and fresh and perfect with delicate baby greens
  • Tahini Lemon Dressing – evokes the flavors of Turkey and Greece
  • Tomato Salsa - a fat-free tomato salsa that can go from dip to dressing

Get my Garden Salad recipe and great creative for your dinner tonight >>>

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