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New Video Series for Raw Food Juice Lovers

Posted on November 01 2012 | (1) Comments
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Dim the lights.  Cue orchestra.  Raise the curtain. It’s SHOWTIME! 

I’m thrilled to announce the premiere of Super Green Juice, the first of more than 20 new raw food videos I’ll be uploading to my YouTube channel in the weeks to come.


As my regular readers know, I spent time this past summer creating a fresh new series of fresh raw food videos. Some of the videos show you how to create old favorites and stand-bys. But others, such as the new Super Green Juice video are brand new and straight from the pages of Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People Revised, the update to my best-selling original.

Seeing Green

When you play the video, you’ll see me in my kitchen, surrounded by greens of every size and shape. I show how easy it is to transform greens into a delicious and energizing elixir you can enjoy for breakfast or a snack.

The secret green ingredient in this healthful drink is a sweet-tart Granny Smith apple...which is also green.  It goes beautifully with the delicately sweet flavors of celery, cucumber, baby spinach, and romaine lettuce.  Together, this green dream team helps smooth out the taste of the more bitter but super-nutritious kale.

Apples are the secret ingredient, and the secret weapon for preparing Super Green Juice is a good juicer. In the video, I’ll show you what to look for when purchasing this essential piece of kitchen equipment and explain why I’ve selected the Green Star Elite as my juicer of choice.

Click here to get the Super Green Juice recipe.

Next time, I’ll be switching from ‘green’ to ‘orange’ to talk about pumpkins...and more importantly, pumpkin seeds.

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On November 07, 2012 .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) said...

Love your web site and all your work!  By the way, we are related, sort of!  Your first cousin, once removed, Joel Friedman, is my brother-in-law!  I am his wife,Tevia’s, brother.  I met you in San Antonio when you were a child.

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