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Top Kid-Friendly Raw Foods

Posted on February 19 2013 | (1) Comments
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Top Kid-Friendly Raw Foods

I don't have kids myself, but based on the experiences of my students who do, here are my top kid-friendly raw recipe recommendations!

1. Fruit. Children have a natural love of the colors and shapes of fresh fruits of all kinds. They are sweet, and not "challenging" the way greens are. Try bananas, berries, or apples. Or Papaya Breakfast Pudding.

2. Smoothies. Kids love sweet, thick, yummy beverages. But the juices you get at the store or a coffee shop have way to much sugar. Instead, give a kid Blueberry-Green Smoothie. The blueberries keep it purple, so kids don't even know they're eating spinach!

3. Veggies and Dip. Kids love picking up foods with their fingers. Cut carrots, cucumbers, and red bell peppers into chip shapes, and separate leaves of butter lettuce or green leaf lettuce, and serve with Mock Sour Cream and Chive Dip, which tastes like Hidden Valley Ranch only better!

4. Almond Butter Snacks. Try fresh homemade almond butter on apple slices or in celery boats topped with raisins (ants on a log!)

5. Cookies and Milk. Try Lemon Cranberry Pistachio Cookies as an afterschool snack. No refined sweeteners! And the cookies keep in the fridge for a month and the freezer for 3 months.


What are your kids' favorites? Remember, don't force your kid to eat foods they don't like, or they may rebel against those foods. Just offer your child a tasty option, and invite them to help in the fun of making it.

For more fabulous raw recipes kids will love, get my book Raw Food Made Easy!

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