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How a Raw Food Goddess Dresses Up a Salad

Posted on April 01 2013 | (0) Comments
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In the world of fashionable raw food, a salad is a lot like the proverbial little black dress. It’s an essential part of a culinary “wardrobe,” and with the help of the right raw salad dressing can go from casual to all gussied up.  

Traditional Goddess Dressing contains mayonnaise and sour cream. But too much of those ingredients can make a goddess start packing on the pounds and inches. Fortunately, any goddess can keep her fat consumption in control with my raw salad dressing recipe that replaces dairy products with soaked cashews.

The flavor is fresh and herbaceous, and the color is a lovely delicate pale green. The texture is wonderfully creamy, but the recipe is cholesterol-free because of a “secret ingredient” that you can use instead of mayonnaise and sour cream...soaked cashews.

The only fat in this recipe is 1 tablespoon of nuts per serving...and by “a serving,” I don’t mean a meager teaspoonful or two of dressing. There are only 65 calories in a full ¼-cup of raw Goddess Dressing.

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And you can also click here for the Goddess Dressing recipe to add to your recipe box.

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