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Help Kids Stay Slim with Raw Food Dessert Recipes

Posted on October 03 2011 | (0) Comments
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Help Kids Stay Slim with Raw Food Dessert Recipes

Kids need lots of energy to run, jump, play, and do their schoolwork.  And just like adults, it’s important for them to keep their body fueled with small meals and snacks throughout the day.  The problem:  too many snacks can mean too many calories.

Kids and calories are the reason my September newsletter includes a story on nutritious snacks like raw nut butter spread on apple slices and ‘ants on a log’...which is nut butter spread on celery with dotted with ‘ants’ that are actually raisins.  

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Since kids love fruit, you can use their naturally affinity for things like bananas and oranges to get them in the habit of enjoying raw food desserts.  And the more they eat the ‘real thing,’ the more they’ll crave it rather than high-sugar, high-fat processed treats.  

My Classic Ambrosia Recipe is a perfect example.  What kid doesn’t love to know they’re eating ‘Food for the Gods.’  (That’s the literal translation of ‘ambrosia.’) Click here for the recipe.

Traditional ambrosia is made with high-calorie ingredients like marshmallows and fruit cocktail in syrup.  MY version gussies up simple oranges and bananas with unsweetened shredded dried coconut and a tablespoon of light agave (or honey if you prefer).  And depending on what’s in season and what your particular youngster enjoys, you can add grapes, pineapple, or dried dates, as well as nuts.

The flavors will take kids and adults right to Raw Food Mount Olympus!

Next time, we’ll talk about another good habit to get kids (and adults) into:  a low-salt diet. 

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