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Dried Fruits Can Make Easy Raw Food Desserts Calorie-Dense

Posted on September 29 2011 | (0) Comments
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Fruits are naturally sweet and nutritious.  But to keep your figure trim, it’s important to limit the dried fruits, sweeteners, and fruit juice you eat.  These are concentrated sources of sugar and it’s easy to consume a lot more calories than you realize.  

For example, you would probably only eat one plum (30-40 calories), but you might snack on a handful of 6 dried prunes (121 calories)

Natural fruit sugars are concentrated in dried fruit due to the drying process.  That makes them tasty, but it also makes them calorie-dense.  Plus, the dried fruits you find in the supermarket (such as raisins and cranberries) often have extra sugar added during the manufacturing process.  The presence of processed sugar really ups the calorie count AND can trigger a spike in blood sugar that will make you crave more sugar...and more calories.  

Sulfites also find their way into processed dried fruits and this can trigger an allergic response in some people.

For these reasons, the recipes in my book Raw Food for Dessert focus mainly on fresh fruits.  A great example of a wholesome, tasty, and relatively low-calorie dessert is my Macerated Citrus dessert.  The natural sweetness of orange and grapefruit segments really shines through, accented with just a whisper of agave syrup and mint leaves if you like.  

It makes a small tasty dessert, and is one of my go-to favorites in the winter, when fewer fresh fruits are available.

Try it! Click here for the Macerated Citrus recipe.

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