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Create Your Own Raw Food Recipe Variations

Posted on October 24 2011 | (1) Comments
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The secret to staying on a weight-loss program or creating an eating plan that you can stick to for life is ensuring that what you eat is what you enjoy.  So as a raw food chef who likes to stay trim, I create recipes that suit my personal palate. 

But none of my recipes are set in stone.  One of the things I like to do best is tinker with them to create satisfying variations.  You should, too.  

Just because a recipe calls for one ingredient, that doesn’t mean you have to use it or can’t swap it out for one you like better.  For example, in my last post I talked about omitting the salt from for a low-sodium Latin American Cabbage recipe and letting cilantro be the main flavor booster.  

But that’s MY variation.  If you wish, you could add a bit of pepper or ground cumin (or any spice you enjoy) to add another layer of flavor. That way you turn my cabbage recipe into yours.  

I won’t be offended.  In fact, I consider it a joy to inspire you.

This is the same process I used myself to transform my raw food Italian Marinara Sauce to a Middle Eastern Marinara Sauce with the addition of a few spices like cardamom, ground cinnamon, and ground cumin.  One bite and you’ll feel like you’re in Morrocco!

By the way, I apply the ‘as you like it’ philosophy to exercise, too.  I try to get my blood moving regularly, but I’m not a health club fanatic.  I much prefer burning calories and building muscles by walking outdoors rather than working out in a club.  

The bottom line:  do what feels right for you!

Next time, I’m going to share a wonderful variation that someone created using my Almond crust recipe as a base.  Don’t miss it!

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On October 24, 2011 .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) said...

Hi Jennifer,
I have had your cookbook for three years and it was not until I watched one of your videos that I was able to relax and make a recipe. I made the chocolate pie. Took it to a party and left with a clean pie plate-this was a cooked gathering and everyone was amazed! I am eating my beautiful kale right now and I am so proud. I made a few adjustments with seasonings for myself-some sesame seeds and cayenne pepper, so I feel empowered.
thanks for sharing and encouraging us.

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