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A Slice of Life with Mandolines

Posted on February 02 2014 | (0) Comments
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Have you ever wanted to create beautiful platters of paper-thin vegetables and fruit like you see in the world’s greatest restaurants?  You can do it, with the help of a mandoline.  

I’ll show you how to create “food art” in my new video that reveals culinary artists’ essential “tool of the trade”:  the mandoline.

Mandolines Make Raw Food Prep Easier

The mandoline is frequently on the tool list for recipes in my book Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People, and with good reason!  Mandolines make it simple (and quick) to cut, slice, grate or julienne foods. 

Because of their sharp blades, mandolines can be a little intimidating even for an experienced cook.  Don’t be put off.  When I was young, I scraped my knuckles several times learning to use a box grater which taught me to have “respect” for the tool in my hand and to use it correctly. 

In the video, I share some simple tips will help you use your mandoline safely and effectively. 

Compare & Contrast Raw Food Tools

What I think you’ll especially like about this raw food demo is that it lets you compare and contrast tools and techniques.  I present several different mandolines, highlighting what I feel are their strengths. 

I also put each mandoline to the test, demonstrating how useful they are processing different vegetables.

Affordable Ease in Raw Food Prep

The first mandoline I demonstrate is the affordably priced and multi-functional Swissmar Borner V-Slicer Plus.  You can discover how the V-Slicer is used to create slices of different thicknesses, as well as to julienne and shred produce.

I give a guided tour of its plastic frame, easy-in/easy-out blade insets, and other features.  Safety is essential in any raw food kitchen, so my tour includes a detailed look at Borner's ambidextrous food safety holder.   

I demonstrate how to use the included prongs to hold food while guarding hands from the sharp blades, ensuring protection from nicks and cuts.

A Mandoline Raw Food Throw-Down

In the next part of the demonstration, you’re introduced to the Kyocera mandoline.  Unlike the Borner, it is only used for slicing...but oh (!) the beautiful, even slices it makes! 

I show you how vegetables glide effortlessly across the ceramic blade for perfect slices every time.

Then the real fun starts!

I demonstrate how to cut and core a cabbage to prepare it for slicing with a mandoline.  Then I do a 'throw down' that puts the Borner and Kyocera in a head-to-head competition for slicing the tough cruciferous vegetable.

The winner is you because both utensils do a great job.

The demonstration concludes with a demonstration of the Kyocera's prowess for creating paper-think red onion half-moons and cucumber slices.  They’re perfectly sliced and perfectly beautiful for salads, sandwiches, party platters, and snacks.

Do you have any tips for creating food art? I’d love to hear them and I know my blog readers would, too.  Please post your ideas in the comments section.

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