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5 Raw Foods Kids Love

Posted on April 18 2013 | (0) Comments
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5 Raw Foods Kids Love

Sharing your love of wholesome food with children can change their lives forever.  This post in my New to Raw blog series shows you how introducing children to raw food can put them on the road to a lifetime of healthy eating.

Kids are eating machines that need constant fuel to help them work and play, not to mention build healthy bodies and strong minds.  Unfortunately, many kids develop a taste early in life for high-sugar, high-fat snacks and unhealthy processed foods.  These foods are high in calories, but low in nutrition, which is one reason that so many children struggle with their weight.

Fortunately, there is a healthy alternative.

5 Raw Foods Kids Love

Kids may turn up their nose at the term “raw food,” but the truth is that youngsters naturally love raw food.  Watch a baby with her first banana or a toddler with his first apple slice.  They devour them both with glee. 

Raw fruits and veggies have a natural sweetness that kids enjoy, especially if their taste buds haven’t gotten accustomed to the over-sweet taste of processed foods. 

When one of your brood asks for a snack, serve up:

  • Celery and carrot sticks
  • Fresh fruit
  • Fruit smoothies
  • Raw nut butter

For the Cookie Monster in All of Us

A super way to get youngsters (and oldsters) excited about raw food is with my Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe. Wholesome almond flour replaces nutritionally empty white flour, and sweet, gooey Medjool dates take the place of unhealthy refined white sugar.  Watch out! This mixture tastes so good; you’ll find yourself eating it straight out of the bowl.

Raw food preparation is great for kids because there’s no dangerous heat involved.  Do you have a young raw food chef at your house?  I’d love to hear about him or her.  Share your story in the comments section. 

   If you found these ideas helpful, you can get over 150 recipes by ordering my book Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People.

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