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4 Ways To Enjoy More Raw Food

Posted on April 18 2013 | (1) Comments
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4 Ways To Enjoy More Raw Food

Enjoying more raw food in your diet can be very easy if you make a few simple changes. Here are 4 easy steps you can take to make sure you eat at least 50% raw.

Try my Green Smoothie recipes to start your day to ensure a healthy serving (or two or three) of fresh greens.

Begin every lunch with a big salad or enjoy a salad as your main dish.

Have a small salad or a small plate of crudités (cut up veggie sticks) before dinner to help curb your appetite while bumping up nutrition.

Replace between meal snacks with fresh fruit or make a double-batch of your morning smoothie and enjoy the leftovers any time.

Do you have a favorite strategy for getting your RDA for raw?  Post your comment to let other readers know the interesting ways raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds find their way into your diet.  Thanks!

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On May 12, 2013 .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) said...

It´s perfekt for me to eat raw food. I´m not 100% raw, but nearly 75%. I eat eggs and meat sometimes but not unhealthy
snacks and cookies with sugar and cereals. I don´t eat milkproducts and i don´t miss it. I´ve been eating raw food since Christmas 2012. I´ve lost 10 kg and i´m feeling great.
I enjoy looking and learning from your programmes in youtube. Today i had icecream made from cashewnuts, pears and dades, very delicious. I often eat carrotsoup and green soup with nettles and salad, cucumber and squash. I´ts very easy to make lunch in no time at all. I´m from Sweden, that explain my bad english. I have a new life because of you. I´ts just perfekt. My very best regards / Gunilla.

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