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Raw Juices and Smoothies

A lot of people I know are feeling a little sluggish at this time of year; ‘hungover’ from the indulgences of the recent holiday season. I was in the same boat myself until last week. That’s when I decided to go on a three-day juice fast.

My juice of choice was healthy, vibrant Green Juice.

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Energizing-Purifying Juice Recipe

Posted on December 03 2010 | (13) Comments
Category:Raw Juices and Smoothies

This recipe comes from Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People.  It's one of the few recipes that I didn't develop myself.  It was a 'gift of good health' from Keyvan Golestaneh, a holistic health practitioner who introduced me to raw food.  You can learn more about Keyvan on his website,
Energizing-Purifying Juice detoxifies the body while providing needed nutrients and energy. It can be a health-promoting daily breakfast or an energizing mid-afternoon snack.  And as you'll see below, the addition of just two simple ingredients turns it into a complete meal.

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I admit it:  I like to drink.  Especially when I can drink a raw juice or smoothie that’s delicious and full of healthy, natural ingredients that make me feel good. 

Raw in the Morning

A typical breakfast for a lot of people consists of cereal and milk.  That sounds pretty good, but is it?  Unfortunately, the processed flour in the cereal and the fat in the dairy (or the lactose for lactose-intolerant people) can weigh a person down. 

A light morning meal based on raw fruits and green leafy vegetables does just the opposite. These foods are perfect for breakfast. They’re high in nutrients, yet low in calories and easy to digest. Juices and smoothies made with fruits and vegetables nourish you and fill you up, to help you feel energized and ready for the day ahead.

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