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Easy Raw Meals

Eat Better Every Day with my New Lunch Kit

Posted on September 22 2014 | (2) Comments
Category:Easy Raw Meals

Do You Wish it was Easier to Eat a Healthy, Energizing Lunch Every Day?

Introducing: Jenny's Ultimate Lunch Kit!



This isn’t another cookbook or cooking class: it’s a kit you can follow to easily have a healthy lunch every day for the rest of your life.

What you eat for lunch can mean the difference between a happy, creative, and productive afternoon or one spent feeling grumpy and exhausted.

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New Video: Chopped Salad

Posted on July 06 2014 | (2) Comments
Category:Easy Raw Meals

Chopped salads are a well-loved menu item at fine restaurants around the world.  Truly a “chef’s choice,” these colorful salads can be made with everything from steamed cauliflower and broccoli, to roasted artichokes, raw cucumbers, and onions.  In my video, I’ll demonstrate how to create a colorful raw salad that is an exceptionally satisfying one-dish meal made without animal protein.

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to master a satisfying Chopped Salad, where several vegetables are chopped into uniform bite-sized pieces so you can taste all of them in every mouthful.

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Raw food fact:  when you process cucumbers, tomatoes, or red bell peppers, they become creamy enough to turn into a salad dressing. Skeptical?  You won’t be after you watch my popular raw food demonstration video. 

You’ll discover you how to combine cucumbers with various seasonings to create a salad condiment that's heavy on flavor, but light on fat.

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I love salads.  They’re so easy to customize that I never get “tastebud fatigue”...just a ton of energy and nourishment every time I dig in.  My latest raw food demo shows you how to make a basic green salad and then keep it fresh and new with interesting add-ins.

No salad is complete without a dressing, so my salad demo includes three delicious choices.  You’ll learn how to make a lemon herb dressing, a tahini lemon dressing, and even a fat-free tomato salsa that can go from dip to dressing.

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Super Raw Food Salad for Springtime

Posted on March 08 2014 | (2) Comments
Category:Easy Raw Meals

A fresh, delicious salad is a wonderful way to incorporate more raw food into your diet and load upon on vitamins, minerals, and amazing taste.  In my latest YouTube raw food demonstration video, I show how to combine three simple ingredients to make a creamy, crunchy flavorful salad in just five minutes. 

I’ll introduce you to an easy-to-use salad mix that you can get at the supermarket.  Then I’ll demonstrate how to use one of my favorite kitchen tools to quickly ready your greens for serving, and show you how to plate it for maximum visual appeal.  Best of all, it’s a simple salad that “magically” dresses itself with no additional oil required.

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