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Delightfully Creamy, Dairy-free Raw Soup

Posted on September 28 2013 | (3) Comments
Category:Easy Raw Meals

This month, I’ve been focusing on budget-friendly raw food ingredients that you can use to make delicious and surprisingly low-cost dishes.  In this post, I’m going to talk about zucchini, one of October’s most plentiful harvests.  This mild-tasting veggie is a great stand-alone side dish, an excellent addition to salads, and a wonderful crudité.  I especially like to use it in my raw Creamy Zucchini soup.

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Lunch Is the Perfect Time for Raw Food

Posted on August 29 2013 | (3) Comments

My enthusiasm for being on the move is one of the reasons that Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People Revised contains so much information on eating well in our 21st Century world.  It’s also the reason I created a video demonstration to show you how to create delicious take-along and make-on-the-spot raw meals and snacks that make eating well super-simple.

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A Raw Food Trip to the Tropics

Posted on August 29 2013 | (0) Comments

If you enjoy fruit-filled pies and tarts, you'll love the recipe I demonstrate in one of my popular videos. It's a gourmet raw tropical fruit tart that's much easier to prepare than a traditional baked tart. It's also a lot healthier, though you'd never know it when you taste the buttery crust and creamy filling.

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Summer fruits are in season at last!  So now is the perfect time to make delicious desserts that use natural fruits instead of unnatural processed sugar for wholesome sweetness.  In my last video post, I showed you the secrets to creating a dairy-free Pastry Cream.

Now, I’m going to show you how to make a scrumptious no-bake raw tart crust that you can fill with your sweet cream...and then top with a medley of beautifully sliced and arranged summer fruits.

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Dreamy Pastry Cream

Posted on July 08 2013 | (0) Comments

In my last raw food video post, I showed you how easy it is to open a young coconut.  Now that you’ve mastered that technique, I want to reward you with Pastry Cream--a dessert recipe that uses that sweet, creamy flesh. 

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