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Raw Food How-To: Sprouting

Posted on January 04 2014 | (1) Comments
Category:Raw Ingredients and Equipment

Sprouts may be small in size, but they deliver tons of taste, texture, and nutrition.  They’re also incredibly versatile. I use sprouts in salads and wraps all the time.

In my new video, I show you how to turn a Mason jar into a sprout farm and give you tips for harvesting your crop in a matter of days.

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Undersea Adventures with Raw Food

Posted on January 04 2014 | (0) Comments
Category:Easy Raw Meals

Sea vegetables are often used as sushi wrappers, but they're good for so much more.  In my new video, I demonstrate how to do a little raw fusion cuisine, combining the popular Asian sea vegetable arame with American ingredients to create a healthful side salad that can be transformed into a main course.

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I’ve been a pudding fan for as long as I can remember, seduced by the creamy texture and sweet taste.  I didn’t want to give up this childhood favorite when I stopped eating animal products, and I didn’t have to! 

I discovered that unexpected raw ingredients can be used to create a dairy-free carob pudding that’s as smooth, velvety, and chocolate-y as any kid (or adult) could want, and a chia-blueberry pudding you can enjoy for breakfast.

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Stuffed mushrooms are a perfect finger food for holiday parties and look beautiful on a brunch buffet.  Best of all, as you’ll see in my demonstration video, the techniques in my recipe are easy...and the results will blow you away!

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I don’t just eat with my mouth.  To me eating is a multi-sensory pleasure where I enjoy the taste, texture, aroma, and especially the look of my food.  It’s one of the reason I have so much admiration for the techniques used by chefs to make food irresistible.

In this post, I want to center on things you can do to transform everyday ingredients into show-stoppers for your holiday table.  Spoiler alert:  you can make affordable food look expensive and luxurious without spending a dime.

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