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Professional chefs take great pains to stock their kitchens with the best equipment for creating their culinary masterpieces.  You should, too!  And to help you, I’ve created a YouTube video demo that shares some of my best tips for setting up your kitchen for easy raw food meal preparation.  It’s just four minutes, but it’s information-packed.  

Do you think there are tons of gadgets and gizmos you need to buy to make your kitchen raw food ready?  Not at all!  As you’ll see in the demo, there are really only four key pieces of equipment required: a large chef’s knife, a wood or bamboo cutting board, a blender and a food processor.  That’s the beauty of raw food preparation:  you can take simple fresh ingredients, do a minimal amount of ‘puttering’ with them, and have a meal on the table in no time at all. 

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My raw food Jumble Berry Upside Down Cake is so quick and easy that I created a video demo to introduce newbies to the world of raw food. 

Berries are a seasonal treat, but fortunately they are just beginning to become available in some parts of the country.  In my cake, deep scarlet raspberries, navy blue blueberries, and bright red strawberries are soaked (macerated) in a bit of agave (or honey), before being spooned into a cake pan and topped with an all-natural crust made with coconut, dates, and walnuts.

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My YouTube video library is a ready resource you can turn to whenever you want to do more than just read a recipe.  The demos I’ve created will let you see watch me ‘in action’ as I put together various recipes...often in under 10 minutes.

One of the most popular demos in my library that’s gotten nearly three times more hits than any other demo is my raw food Chocolate Mousse video.

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Stay Hydrated with Raw Foods This Winter

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Another important aspect of raw food is that many fruits and vegetables are filled with simple, pure water...and that’s something your body may not be getting enough of during the winter months.

Foods that have a lot of water in them are also great for those of us who are ‘big eaters.’
I frequently enjoy eating light, but there are times when I’m really hungry and a small portion won’t be enough to satisfy my appetite.  That’s when I turn to water-rich foods.  They let me eat bigger portions, without eating lots of extra calories.

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